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Somewhere in the programme for pretty-well every workshop I’ve run in the past decade and more has been an activity for participants on analysing educational technologies, using Tony Bates’ SECTIONS model. It’s an update on his previous ACTIONS model, which I unsurprisingly also used in the dim and distant past. The model is useful, it engages participants and leads to fruitful discussion and debate. Continue reading

A titan steps down: a personal thanks to Tony Bates

If you’re a follower of Tony Bates (as I obviously am, given the link on the right), you’ll have noticed his recent post ‘Time to retire from online learning?‘ No, he isn’t disappearing completely from the blogosphere, but is stopping most of his professional activities (consultancies, guest speaker spots, conferences, etc.). The reason? Check for yourself. Continue reading

Not just MOOCs: catching up with links

MOOCs are the current hot topic. And you might not be just reading about them, you may also be trying them. If so, are you one of the small band of ‘completers’, or did you discontinue? If you did drop out, then you’re not alone, as attested by the interactive graph produced by Katy Jordan. But there’s a lot more than MOOCs going on at present, and one way I try to keep up is to peruse my links from time to time. Continue reading