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Somewhere in the programme for pretty-well every workshop I’ve run in the past decade and more has been an activity for participants on analysing educational technologies, using Tony Bates’ SECTIONS model. It’s an update on his previous ACTIONS model, which I unsurprisingly also used in the dim and distant past. The model is useful, it engages participants and leads to fruitful discussion and debate.

Bates' SECTIONS model

Bates’ SECTIONS model

So it is reassuring to see the the model appears prominently in Tony’s new book, Teaching in a Digital Age. He may be semi-retired, but his prodigious output continues, as you’d be well aware if you keep an eye on Tony’s excellent website.

I should just stop here and urge you to go straight to the site and get on with it, but just in case you’re not yet convinced, here’s the chapter outline:

  1. Fundamental change in education
  2. The nature of knowledge and the implications for teaching
  3. Theories of learning in a digital age
  4. Methods of teaching
  5. Building an effective learning environment
  6. Models for designing teaching and learning
  7. MOOCs
  8. Understanding technology in education
  9. Choosing and using media in education
  10. Modes of delivery and open education
  11. Ensuring quality teaching in a digital age
  12. Supporting teachers and instructors in a digital age
Tony in full flight at OUHK

Tony in full flight at OUHK

All of the above are timeless and relevant, apart from the probably necessary intrusion of MOOCs. That is, this is all important stuff, gleaned from a lifetime of experience of teaching in higher education from someone who constantly observes and reflects on teaching and learning effectiveness through the use of technology. So it’s reassuring to see all the good stuff in there, as well as the absence of unimportant or irrelevant topics (such as learning styles, an erroneous diversion).

So, without further ado, click on the link to the book and enjoy: it’s nicely set up with a range of formats for download, and all the desirable features you need for an online publication. Congratulations, Tony, you’ve done it again!


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