From instructional design to learning design

Perusing my links last week, I naturally checked in to Martin Weller’s blog, and found he’d written about and linked to a talk given by his colleague at the UKOU, Rebecca Galley, on the topic of Learning Design. It’s a nice talk, tracing the evolution and success of the concept of Learning Design as applied within course teams at the UKOU for the past decade. Continue reading

It’s the pedagogy, not the technology

For some years the two main annual reports I’ve written about are the Horizon Report and Innovating Pedagogy. Each has earned a worthy place in our toolkit of useful ideas, and each has its own perspective: the latter obviously focuses on pedagogy (“exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment”) while Horizon introduces us to new and emerging technologies. Continue reading

I know, it’s now 2015 and a bit late, but anyway …

It’s well worth reading and contemplating: the UKOU’s third in the annual series of reports, Innovating Pedagogy, 2014 edition. The pattern continues: useful short summaries of 10 emerging innovations that may have at least significant, if not profound, effects on teaching, learning and assessment. And as with the first two reports, some of the innovations I was familiar with (Flipped classroom), or at least heard of, while others are new to me (Bricolage). Continue reading

A MOOC on open education: go on, enrol now!

It’s only just started, so don’t delay, enrol for the UK Open University MOOC on Open education. Yes, our old friend Martin Weller has been at it again, and this time it’s a version of the Masters unit H817, ‘Openness and innovation in elearning’ made available to all via the UKOU’s OpenLearn initiative. Continue reading

A nice little publication worth a squiz

Martin Weller is certainly a busy fella, isn’t he though? This time he’s a co-author of an excellent new publication from the UKOU, Innovating Pedagogy 2012. It’s apparently the first of a regular series, and seems a great idea: a short (38 pp.) report “Exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment, to guide educators and policy makers”. Continue reading