“Ho perduto due corone!”

Ho perduto due corone! – My two Rosary beads are missing! – these were the first words (not that I understood them) uttered by Linda’s mother as we arrived to help her with the recarpeting of her bedroom. We got there nice and early, as the carpet layer was due at 8:30 am. It was no great surprise that the Rosary beads were missing, as she is nearly 90 years old (not Linda, her mother) and legally blind. She can apparently still see vague shapes, and manages to live alone in her house and beloved garden, with the regular assistance of Linda and her two sisters, one of whom lives next door. Continue reading


I was relieved when I saw the sign – EXERCISE SURF THEN GO HOME – as I wasn’t totally sure whether or not surfing was still permitted during the current crisis. Logically it seemed ok; I was simply driving to Point Leo, going out on the waveski for an hour or so, and then driving home. No interaction with anyone. Continue reading