When you meet your heroes – Mark Ella

Last year I posted about meeting my heroes, Roger Penrose (science), Mark Occhilupo (sport) and James Taylor (music).  I also mentioned rugby, and the legendary Mark Ella (who, unlike the other three, I hadn’t met) in particular, and so …

Hang on, let’s not rush with this, but take it back to how I came to be in the right place at the right time. Continue reading

CoL and rugby

There’s been a weird confluence between the Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) and rugby this month. Not only is the rugby world focusing on the Rugby World Cup, but the open learning community has focussed on Murrayfield, the spiritual home of Scottish rugby, via CoL having its ninth Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF9) at said venue. I didn’t know that Murrayfield Stadium is also a conference venue, but it makes a certain kind of sense, and I wish I’d been there! Continue reading

The Digital Scholar and rugby

When I started this post, I intended to write about new online books I’d spied while perusing my own links on the right of this page. I’m still doing this, but I shall rapidly divert to rugby – I’ve just returned from a memorable short trip to New Zealand to see the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup between Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading