Exposing the predators: checking the quality of open access journals

So you’re part of the open resources movement in higher education, and resolved to publish your work ┬áin open access journals. This is commendable. And if your potential publication is in the field of open and distance learning, then you can happily go to leading open access journals such as the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning or the International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education. Continue reading

Guest post*: Saving on college course materials by finding free resources online

Unfortunately, while the Open Educational Resources movement is growing in popularity in places like the United States, United Kingdom, and others, mainstream university professors and instructors have yet to embrace the notion of using free (or at least affordable) materials in their courses. Continue reading

A titan steps down: a personal thanks to Tony Bates

If you’re a follower of Tony Bates (as I obviously am, given the link on the right), you’ll have noticed his recent post ‘Time to retire from online learning?‘ No, he isn’t disappearing completely from the blogosphere, but is stopping most of his professional activities (consultancies, guest speaker spots, conferences, etc.). The reason? Check for yourself. Continue reading