Australia is doing well … again

We (Australia, that is) have managed a tense one-point win over the Lions to set up a thrilling decider on Saturday, Cadel’s made a good start in Le Tour, and the Socceroos are into the the World Cup finals in Brazil next year. OK, we’re not too sure how our cricketers will go in the Ashes, but we have an Australian into the last 16 of the men at Wimbledon. On another tack, how are our universities faring? Continue reading

Are you too on YouTube?

Are you onĀ YouTube? No … are you sure? Have you checked? I must admit I was surprised when my son informed me that there was a clip of me (all 20 seconds worth!), clearly recorded (unbeknown to me) on a mobile phone. It was from a talk I gave in Hong Kong last year, and I won’t give you the link as it’s not worth pursuing, but I must admit that I was surprised that it had been viewed by 202 people! Continue reading