Weller on winning … sort of

Martin Weller makes me tired. He does so much, writes so well, is an encouraging and supporting professional colleague (even at a distance – I’ve never met him in person), and runs great distances (1008 miles in 2014). We knew he’d been writing a new book, as he’d been providing updates and ideas on his blog site, but it’s still exciting to see the finished product: The Battle for Open: How openness won and why it doesn’t feel like a victory. Continue reading

I know, it’s now 2015 and a bit late, but anyway …

It’s well worth reading and contemplating: the UKOU’s third in the annual series of reports, Innovating Pedagogy, 2014 edition. The pattern continues: useful short summaries of 10 emerging innovations that may have at least significant, if not profound, effects on teaching, learning and assessment. And as with the first two reports, some of the innovations I was familiar with (Flipped classroom), or at least heard of, while others are new to me (Bricolage). Continue reading