The battle takes a new twist: mutiny

The rise and rise of the ‘openness’ movement in education is well documented, having gained momentum in the last few decades through open learning, open educational resources and other associated areas of endeavour. A particular hotbed of continual debate and conflict is the area of open publishing, well documented in Martin Weller’s The Battle For Open (2014). Continue reading

Exposing the predators: checking the quality of open access journals

So you’re part of the open resources movement in higher education, and resolved to publish your work  in open access journals. This is commendable. And if your potential publication is in the field of open and distance learning, then you can happily go to leading open access journals such as the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning or the International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education. Continue reading

So where should you publish?

You’ve completed a nice little research project in open and distance learning and are ready to publish the results. Assuming you want to do so in a distance education journal, which one will you choose? Further, should it be one of the newer open access journals, or one of the more traditional ‘closed’ commercially published  journals. Continue reading