Peering behind the Horizon

I’ve previously posted about the annual NMC Horizon Report, but hadn’t paid it close attention for a while. This year’s report came out earlier in the year, and I’ve just perused it – backwards, actually, as the first thing I did was look at the list of contributors to check how many Australians were consulted. Continue reading

Academic promotion: through teaching or research? … plus Wikipedia misinformation!

First, apologies for the long title for this post – it didn’t start out that way, but as I was writing I came across a serious error in Wikipedia, a timely reminder to treat it with caution. And given my recent penchant for talking up matters wiki-related, I thought I’d better temper my enthusiasm and report my finding. Continue reading

More on WikiEducator

A couple of posts ago, when rabbiting on about Wikis, I mentioned WikiEducator, which has rapidly grown to become a leader among Wikis with an educational focus. In particular, its strong refrain is a call to arms to support the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement.

Continuing on this theme, and if you’d like to know more, have a look at one of the latest CIDER sessions (emanating from Athabasca University), titledĀ WikiEducator: A return to the traditions of the academy? Continue reading


Since my last post on contributing to Wikipedia (and I worry that no-one has yet had a go at fixing ‘Open Learning‘), matters Wiki have again crossed my path. In fact it’s hard to ignore the Wiki explosion, with Wikiquote (Who wrote “The hotel shop only had two decent books, and I’d written both of them.”?), Wikispecies (Did you know you are a heterotroph?), Wikinews (yes, it’s been proved that there are six degrees of separation), Wikibooks (contributors are known as Wikibookians), Continue reading