Canned Heat – faithful to the legacy

Truth be told I was hesitant: should I go to see Canned Heat for their gig in Melbourne? I contacted my old friend Andrew in Hobart, a serious fan of the group (has at least six original vinyls), and he thought it was worth a go. It didn’t look that promising, the venue being the Corner Hotel in Richmond, a location I was aware of having passed it many times on my way to the Richmond Arms Hotel just up the road, usually in preparation for a Super Rugby match at nearby AAMI stadium. Continue reading

InterLearn, 20 years on

Back in 1998, I was lucky enough to pick up a job in the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) at Monash University, under the leadership of Graham Webb. We moved back from Hong Kong to Melbourne, and thus began one of the most productive and satisfying periods of my working life.

The highlight was the design, development and implementation of InterLearn, an online learning platform. Continue reading