British Pathé offers a glimpse of distance education history

The ‘open’ movement has produced some wonderful outcomes, and they keep coming. I don’t just mean the ever-burgeoning number of free online courses (MOOC or non-MOOC), books, and articles. There are now millions of copyright-free images available, with the recently added contribution from Getty Images as well as those downloadable from such sites as Flickr (especially via PhotoPin). Film and television programmes have joined in the fray, and that is what has prompted this post. Continue reading

Guest post*: Five ways education changes thought processes

It is true that education is instrumental in changing thought processes, yet few beyond the behaviorists give a great deal of thought to how those changes come about. While the content and quality of the education process are essential elements, it is helpful to also understand the internal processes that are the soil in which those changes take root and develop. Continue reading