From instructional design to learning design

Perusing my links last week, I naturally checked in to Martin Weller’s blog, and found he’d written about and linked to a talk given by his colleague at the UKOU, Rebecca Galley, on the topic of Learning Design. It’s a nice talk, tracing the evolution and success of the concept of Learning Design as applied within course teams at the UKOU for the past decade. Continue reading

Instructional designers: here’s a topic I know something about

Yes, a bold claim, I’ll admit. But not only did I work as an instructional designer (or whatever alternative title you want to use) but I also did my PhD on instructional designers. In essence, what I was investigated was the question of what instructional designers do. Continue reading

Note to self: read more widely

It occurs to me that the people whose writing¬†about learning and technology I enjoy reading are all like me: mature (ok, old!) men. My links list is dominated by them: Martin Weller, Tony Bates, Terry Anderson, Rob Waller … on it goes, with Grainne Conole the only exception, and even she is (says he hesitatingly) mature. Continue reading

Is Instructional Design Truly a Design Activity?

My last post was the shortest I’ve ever done. This is probably the longest: a ‘blast from the past’ in the form of an article I had published back in 1992 in Educational and Training Technology International (29, 4, pp. 279-282). Like others I’ve resurrected, I boldly claim that this one stands the test of time, given its focus on the universal nature of design. Continue reading