Sebastian Thrun, an ‘oily charlatan’?

I’ve written a couple of times about Sebastian Thrun, and not always in complimentary fashion. In the first piece from 2012 I could be accused of calling him a ‘knucklehead’. The second in 2013 was more a tracking of his change of heart and mind, from messianic mission to hard-headed business. Continue reading

Another word I didn’t know: Slowmation

Well, I have an excuse for not knowing this one, as it isn’t a real word anyway. ‘Slowmation’: an abbreviated form of ‘Slow animation’. Developed by Garry Hoban from Wollongong University (yes, it’s in Australia) it’s a nice little idea that he describes as “a simplified way for university or school students to design and make a narrated stop-motion animation that is played slowly at 2 frames/second to explain a concept or tell a story.” Continue reading