A new year – ‘So, anyone got your carspace yet?’

It’s 2008, and it’s off at a run … stayed on leave until mid-January, so now back at work and slowly getting into gear. The new ODLAA Executive Committee is gathering steam, and ready to make the year a good (great!?) one. Up in the wilds of NSW, Ian at UNE is beavering away at the website, bringing it up to date and poised to add new content as it arises. I’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team a little better (although I have at least a passing knowledge of all of them!) and to engage in Continue reading

A new year – looking backwards

Question: What was the first article in the first issue of Distance Education

I thought I knew, but I’ve just discovered that I’ve been living under an illusion. As president of ODLAA, I should know something (a lot?!) about its history, especially its prestigious journal. So it came to me as something of a shock when I inadvertently discovered, when perusing online contents lists, that the first article in the first issue (1980) was NOT Des Keegan’s ‘On defining distance education’ as I had incorrectly believed for years, but Continue reading