The joy of a new book

20140724_143348There it was, on the doorstep. A parcel, obviously a book. I knew it was coming, but it was still a nice surprise to see it there. And as with most pleasant things in life, there was a story behind its arrival.

Just over two years ago, I wrote a post titled ‘Of Oxford, books and a theory of stupidity‘. The focus was my experience in buying a couple of books associated with the Oxbridge historian Hugh Trevor-Roper (T-R) at a market in Oxford. Then, out of the blue, a few months ago I received a message from a reader who was interested in purchasing one of the books, in this case a bound series of articles from T-R’s personal library. Continue reading

Another word I didn’t know: skeuomorphic

Skeuomorphic: I’d never even seen it before until while browsing Arts and Letters Daily (as is my wont) I spied the title ‘The future of the book shouldn’t be skeuomorphic‘, written by Tom Abba for the New Statesman. But before we get to Tom’s article, let’s investigate this new word (new to me, anyway). Continue reading

Of Oxford, books and a theory of stupidity

Every Thursday, near the centre of Oxford, sees the Gloucester Green ‘Antique and Craft Market’. Two immediate caveats: Gloucester Green is now a car park rather than the picturesque grass field you might imagine (though there is the odd tree, as you can see); and it’s more of a flea market than its grand title suggests. Nevertheless it’s great fun, and Marilyn and I (at her insistence) have visited on more than one occasion. And that’s where my meandering tale begins … Continue reading

Two new books

Are publishing/editing standards slipping? Ar erors adn typos sliping throuhg that woudl haf bin unherd off in timez passt? 

A couple of new books have hit my desk recently, each from an old friend of ODLAA (no, not the same old friend and, I know, enough of the ‘old’). Liz Burge‘s Flexible Higher Education: Reflections from Expert Experience (or is it Flexible Higher Education: International Pioneers Reflect ? I’m not sure which, as one is on the cover and the other on the title page!) warms my heart, as it enables me to catch up with and/or learn from many of the leading distance educators of the past few decades. Continue reading