Instructional designers: here’s a topic I know something about

Yes, a bold claim, I’ll admit. But not only did I work as an instructional designer (or whatever alternative title you want to use) but I also did my PhD on instructional designers. In essence, what I was investigated was the question of what instructional designers do. Continue reading

Is Instructional Design Truly a Design Activity?

My last post was the shortest I’ve ever done. This is probably the longest: a ‘blast from the past’ in the form of an article I had published back in 1992 in Educational and Training Technology International (29, 4, pp. 279-282). Like others I’ve resurrected, I boldly claim that this one stands the test of time, given its focus on the universal nature of design. Continue reading

Analytical skills for instructional designers

Nearly a year ago I posted an old conference paper on necessary skills of instructional designers (How to identify an expert). Here’s another short one* on the same theme from my dim and distant past, which I boldly believe remains relevant. The paper continues the focus on necessary skills for instructional designers. I again applied the wisdom of James G. March, this time by explaining why instructional designers needed to be able to cope (and thrive) in situations involving ambiguity and the formation of coalitions. Continue reading