We are making Google smarter

Why is Google following me? Why do I now see advertisements for funeral insurance on my webmail page? I know I’m old, but c’mon! And right now I’m getting hotel and travel tips scattered around my regular websites, such as The Age. Just to make this perfectly clear, Iā€™m looking at an Australian online newspaper, but am working briefly in Penang, Malaysia, and am also seeing ads for Penang hotels and restaurants. Continue reading

A brief digression – Google

A while back I posted on Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows, and included reference to his article ā€˜Is Google Making Us Stupidā€˜. Then, out of the blue, a few days I was contacted by Tony Shin, who wanted “feedback on a graphic my team and I designed – which focuses on how the instant gratification of the Internet has affected society, our minds and made us impatient.” Continue reading