Is online education good for learning?

Is online education good for learning? Nearly twenty five years ago, this was a relevant and pressing question for the education sector, universities in particular. Back then I was working at Monash University under the grand title of Associate Professor in Flexible Learning (flexible learning being the popular catchphrase at the time). I’d been working closely with my friend and colleague Len Webster at the time, and we’d been heavily involved in the development of online learning, going so far as designing and developing our own software (InterLearn) for the presentation of our post-graduate flexible learning course for academic staff. Continue reading

Of Oxford, debates and babies

“Don’t hit her, Dad, she’s about to be published in Nature!”, exclaimed Felicity from the car’s back seat as the errant cyclist, apparently an eminent microbiologist, blithely veered out into the traffic. Yes, we’re back in Oxford, where cars are actively discouraged and bicycles reign supreme. It’s a great time to visit, as the weather has been lovely, the Oxford Literary Festival is on, and Continue reading