Keen observers will note a new link added to the list: Hack Education Weekly Newsletter (hence the HEWN). It’s the product of Audrey Watters, a ‘stirrer of the pot’ who appears to aim to keep the ed tech community on its toes (pardon the mixed metaphors).

HEWN pageHEWN is very good: a lively, light-hearted (with serious undertones) and well-written encapsulation of Audrey’s observations and issues that provide us with a choice of topics and links to pursue. And there’s plenty of them, as the sample page herein pictured attests. If you go to the particular post in the pic (No. 167, June 25, 2016), along with the links, you’ll find (spoiler alert) an amusing little video of a robot dog slipping on a banana skin.

I could add a discussion of the posts I’ve likedĀ and the links that have informed me, but that serves no productive purpose. Enjoy it yourself … and subscribe or bookmark it.

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