An open conference on open learning

Glancing to the right in my ‘Blogroll’, you’ll see my favourite educational bloggers: the officially accepted guru Stephen Downes; wise old (well, not that old) Terry Anderson; really old (but wise and indefatiguable) Tony Bates; messianic (with respect to his zeal rather than his spirituality) Zaid Ali Alsagoff; and the ever-engaging Martin Weller.

If you already keep an eye on Martin, you’ll be aware that this year he’s the organiser of the UK Open University’s annual learning and technology conference and, guess what, you’re invited! And it’s virtually free:-)

Theme: Learning in an Open World

Dates: June 22-23

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm (use the World Clock to find your local time)

Place: Everywhere

You’ll find more details on Martin’s modestly titled ‘officially awesome‘ blogpost, including the draft agenda. The online conference will operate using Elluminate and Cloudworks, which I first encountered a few months ago (Cambridge Cloudworks).

More importantly, the programme looks good, really good, whether your interests are in the emerging platforms, social media or creating open courses. Overall it’s organised under the four themes of Open Content, Open Learning, Open Teaching and Open Access.

But do you just have to sit/stand/lie and watch? No, you are welcome to contribute, and you’ll find the options outlined in Martin’s earlier post, The Open University conference is Open.

And if you’re going to be busy/engaged on those dates, don’t despair – not surprisingly (these Poms think of everything, don’t they?), it will be recorded for your edification.

One thought on “An open conference on open learning

  1. Conference is really constructive about the UK Open University annual learning and technology,topics are the best like the technology,so this will become successive,so also will give some of the help about the technology to the students and to the people,so the features you tell,are seems to be the best and useful too.

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