Open access journals in open and distance learning

A couple of posts ago, I highlighted a couple of open access journals in ODL. It has since occurred to me that I should provide a more complete list, and here’s my start. open access

I’ve restricted myself to those which specifically mention open learning, distance education, and online teaching and learning, and have not included those focussed on educational technology or computing.

Asian Journal of Distance Education

European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning

Journal of Distance Education

Journal of Distance Education in China

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning

The Electronic Journal of e-Learning

The Journal of Educators Online

The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

There may of course be some I’ve missed, so please contact me if you know of any.

Finally, if you’re seeking open access journals in other disciplines, go the the Directory of Open Access Journals.
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